Kori Inkpen

Microsoft Research

The Video Invasion: How video is changing the way we engage with the world

Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon Video. Online video today accounts for a huge percentage of Internet traffic, and these numbers are expected to continue to rise at a dramatic rate.  Although these numbers reflect the huge appetite consumers have for visual media, the true game-changer has yet to come. Streaming video provides opportunities for users to watch video when and where they want, and opens up new creation and distribution channels, but, consumption is still a relatively passive experience.  Instead, the truly magical experiences that video can provide will come when video connects and engages people in new ways. This talk will examine insights on how the intersection of social media and video is changing the way we engage with the world, and the potential this medium has to transform our lives.

Dr. Kori Inkpen is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and Manager of the neXus Group. Her work focuses on how video is changing the way we engage and communicate with others, and the potential it offers to transform the way we interact with friends, families, colleagues, and strangers. Her research interests are in the fields of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Human-Computer Interaction, exploring next generation computing to connect people in new ways. Dr. Inkpen has organised many prestigious international conferences including CHI 2015 in Seoul, Korea (Technical Program Chair), CSCW 2010 in Savannah, GA, USA (Conference Co-Chair), and Group 2007 in Sanibel Island, FL, USA (Conference Co-Chair). Prior to joining Microsoft she was a Professor of Computer Science at Dalhousie University (2001-2007) and Simon Fraser University (1998-2001).