Paper Sessions

Session 1: Collaboration, education, moderation

May 27 10:40AM PDT
Session Chair: Joanna McGrenere

  1. Service-based Analysis and Abstraction for Content Moderation of Digital Images
    Moritz HilscherHendrik TjabbenHendrik RätzAmir SemmoLonni BesançonJürgen DöllnerMatthias Trapp1.
  2. AmbiTeam: Providing Team Awareness Through Ambient Displays
    Sarah Morrison-SmithJaime RuizLydia Chilton
  3. MeetingMate: an Ambient Interface for Improved Meeting Effectiveness and Corporate Knowledge Sharing
    Justin MatejkaTovi GrossmanGeorge Fitzmaurice
  4. Challenges in Getting Started in Motion Graphic Design: Perspectives from Casual and Professional Motion Designers
    Amir Hosein JahanlouWilliam OdomParmit Chilana
  5. CoAware: Designing Solutions for Being Aware of a Co-Located Partner’s Smartphone Usage Activities
    Khalad HasanDebajyoti MondalKaranmeet KhatraDavid AhlströmCarman Neustaedter

Session 2: Design in 2D & 3D

May 27 12:30PM PDT
Session Chair: David Mould

  1. Exploring Sketch-based Character Design Guided by Automatic Colorization
    Rawan AlghofailiMatthew FisherRichard ZhangMichal LukáčLap-Fai Yu
  2. Artistic Recoloring of Image Oversegmentations
    ROSA AZAMIDavid Mould
  3. FoldMold: Automating Papercraft for Fast DIY Casting of Scalable Curved Shapes
    Hanieh ShakeriHannah ElbaggariPaul BucciRobert XiaoKaron E MacLean
  4. CODA: A Design Assistant to Facilitate Specifying Constraints and Parametric Behavior in CAD Models
    Tom VeuskensFlorian HellerRaf Ramakers
  5. Multi-level Correspondence via Graph Kernels for Editing Vector Graphics Designs
    Hijung Valentina ShinJeremy WarnerBjorn HartmannCelso F GomesHolger WinnemoellerWilmot Li
  6. Algorithmic Typewriter Art: Can 1000 Words Paint a Picture?
    Jules KuehnDavid Mould

Session 3: Input & devices

May 27 1:30PM PDT
Session Chair: Paul Taele

  1. Exploring Smartphone-enabled Text Selection in AR-HMD
    Rajkumar DarbarArnaud ProuzeauJoan Odicio-VilchezThibault LaineMartin Hachet
  2. Using Action-Level Metrics to Report the Performance of Multi-Step Keyboards
    Gulnar RakhmetullaAhmed Sabbir ArifSteven CastellucciScott MacKenzieCaitlyn E Seim
  3. Accountability-Aware Design of Voice User Interfaces for Home Appliances
    Soheil KianzadYelim KimJulia Ann Barakso LindsayYue HuangJulian Benavides BenavidesRock LeungKaron E MacLean
  4. Automatic Slouching Detection and Correction Utilizing Electrical Muscle Stimulation
    Ravi Kiran KattojuCorey Richard Pittmanyasmine MoolenaarJoseph LaViola
  5. Towards Enabling Blind People to Fill Out Paper Forms with a Wearable Smartphone Assistant
    Shirin FeizAnatoliy BorodinXiaojun BiI.V. Ramakrishnan
  6. SwipeRing: Gesture Typing on Smartwatches Using a Circular Segmented Qwerty
    Gulnar RakhmetullaAhmed Sabbir Arif

Session 4: Image synthesis & analysis

May 27 3:40PM PDT
Session Chair: Tracy Hammond

  1. Generating Rough Stereoscopic 3D Line Drawings from 3D Images
    Lesley IsteadAndreea PocolCraig S. KaplanIsaac Bronson WattNicholas LemoingAlicia Yang
  2. Real-Time Cinematic Tracking of Targets in Dynamic Environments
    Ludovic BurgChristophe LinoMarc Christie
  3. Layered Weighted Blended Order-Independent Transparency
    Fabian FriederichsElmar EisemannMartin Eisemann
  4. A Stricter Constraint Produces Outstanding Matching: Learning Reliable Image Matching with Quadratic Hinge Triplet Loss Network
    Meng XuChen ShenJun ZhangZhipeng WangZhiwei RuanStefan PosladPengfei Xu
  5. Fast Monte Carlo Rendering via Multi-Resolution Sampling
    Qiqi HouZhan LiCarl S MarshallSelvakumar PanneerFeng Liu

Session 5: Visualization & exploration

May 28 12:00PM PDT
Session Chair: Carl Gutwin

  1. Exploring Alternate Methods of Visualizing Patient Data
    Rabia TanvirMark ChignellDeborah Fels
  2. Paper Forager: Supporting the Rapid Exploration of Research Document Collections
    Justin MatejkaTovi GrossmanGeorge Fitzmaurice
  3. Perspective Charts
    Mia MacTavishKatayoon EtemadFaramarz SamavatiWesley Willett
  4. How Tall is that Bar Chart? Virtual Reality, Distance Compression and Visualizations
    Diane WatsonGeorge FitzmauriceJustin Matejka
  5. Visual-Interactive Neural Machine Translation
    Tanja MunzDirk VäthPaul KuznecovThang VuDaniel Weiskopf
  6. Contour Line Stylization to Visualize Multivariate Information
    Gazi Md. Hasnat ZahanDebajyoti MondalCarl Gutwin

Session 6: VR, AR & 3D input

May 28 1:00PM PDT
Session Chair: Derek Reilly

  1. A Comparative Evaluation of Techniques for Locating Out of View Targets in Virtual Reality
    Sathaporn HuJoseph MallochDerek Reilly
  2. Design and Evaluation of Three Selection Techniques for Tightly Packed 3D Objects in Cell Lineage Specification in Botany
    Jiayi HongFerran ArgelaguetAlain TrubuilTobias Isenberg
  3. Audiovisual AR concepts for laparoscopic subsurface structure navigation
    Fabian JoeresDavid BlackSeyedsina RazavizadehChristian Hansen
  4. BayesGaze: A Bayesian Approach to Eye-Gaze Based Target Selection
    Zhi LiMaozheng ZhaoYifan WangSina RashidianFurqan BaigRui LiuWanyu LiuMichel Beaudouin-LafonBrooke EllisonFusheng WangI. RamakrishnanXiaojun Bi
  5. Simulating Mass in Virtual Reality using Physically-Based Hand-Object Interactions with Vibration Feedback
    Hooman Khosravi, Katayoon EtemadFaramarz Famil Samavati
  6. Embodied Third-Person Virtual Locomotion using a Single Depth Camera
    Aniruddha PrithulIsayas Berhe AdhanomEelke Folmer