Paper Sessions

Paper Sessions: Graphics

Michael A. J. Sweeney Best Student Paper Award Talk (Graphics)

Session Chair: Christopher Batty

RepulsionPak: Deformation-driven element packing with repulsion forces

Reza Adhitya Saputra (University of Waterloo), Craig Kaplan (University of Waterloo), Paul Asente (Adobe Research)

Session G1: Visualization

Session Chair: David Mould (Carleton University)

Yarn: Generating Storyline Visualizations Using HTN Planning

Kalpesh Padia (North Carolina State University), Kaveen Herath Bandara (North Carolina State University), Christopher G. Healey (North Carolina State University)

MultiCloud: Interactive Word Cloud Visualization for Multiple Texts

Markus John (Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems), Eduard Marbach (Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems), Steffen Lohmann (Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems), Florian Heimerl (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Thomas Ertl (Institute for Visualization and Interactive Systems)

Session G2: Geometry & Style

Session Chair: Alec Jacobson (University of Toronto)

MLS2: Sharpness Field Extraction Using CNN for Surface Reconstruction

Prashant Raina (Concordia University), Sudhir Mudur (Concordia University), Tiberiu Popa (Concordia University)

Developing and Applying A Benchmark for Evaluating Image Stylization
(Computers & Graphics paper)
David Mould (Carleton University), Paul L. Rosin (Cardiff University)

Session G3: Motion

Session Chair: Dave Levin (University of Toronto)

gMotion: a Spatio-Temporal Grammar for the Procedural Generation of motion graphics

Edoardo Carra (“Sapienza” University of Rome), Christian Santoni (“Sapienza” University of Rome), Fabio Pellacini (“Sapienza” University of Rome)

Adding Motion Blur to Still Images

Xuejiao Luo (Delft University of Technology; Télécom ParisTech), Nestor Z Salamon (Delft University of Technology), Elmar Eisemann (Delft University of Technology)

Session G4: Augmented and Virtual Reality

Session Chair: Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA, Williams College)

Adjusting Stereoscopic Parameters by Evaluating the Point of Regard in a Virtual Environment
(Computers & Graphics paper)
Jessica Conti (École Polytechnique de Montréal), Benoît Ozell (École Polytechnique de Montréal), Eric Paquette (École de Technologie Supérieure), Patrice Renaud (Institut Philippe-Pinel de Montréal)
Deep 6-DOF Tracking
(Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics paper)
Mathieu Garon (Université Laval), Jean-François Lalonde (Université Laval)

Paper Sessions: HCI

Michael A. J. Sweeney Best Student Paper Award Talk (HCI)

Session Chair: Derek Reilly

ThumbText: Text Entry for Wearable Devices using a Miniature Ring

Junhyeok Kim (University of Manitoba), William Delamare (Kochi University of Technology), Pourang Irani (University of Manitoba)

Session H1: Prediction, Adaptation, and Bias

Session Chair: Robert Teather

Sentiment Bias in Predictive Text Recommendations Results in Biased Writing

Kenneth C. Arnold (Harvard University), Krysta Chauncey (Draper Laboratory), Krzysztof Z. Gajos (Harvard University)

Supporting Chinese Character Educational Interfaces with Richer Assessment Feedback through Sketch Recognition

Tianshu Chu (Texas A&M University), PaulTaele (Texas A&M University), Tracy Hammond (Texas A&M University)

PadCorrect – Correcting user input on a virtual gamepad

Leonardo Torok (Universidade Federal Fluminense), Elmar Eisemann (Delft University of Technology), Daniela Trevisan (Universidade Federal Fluminense), Anselmo Montenegro (Universidade Federal Fluminense), Esteban Clua (Universidade Federal Fluminense)

Session H2: Alone and in the Zone

Session Chair: Nicholas Graham

Quality ‘Alone’ Time through Conversations and Storytelling: Podcast Listening Behaviors and Routine

Yasamin Heshmat (Simon Fraser University), Lillian Yang (Simon Fraser University) Carman Neustaedter (Simon Fraser University)

It’s the Gesture That (re)Counts: Annotating While Running to Recall Affective Experience

Felwah H. Alqahtani (Dalhousie University), Derek Reilly (Dalhousie University)

Computer-Aided Imagery in Sport and Exercise: A Case Study of Indoor Wall Climbing

Kourosh Naderi (Aalto University), Jari Takatalo (Aalto University), Jari Lipsanen (University of Helsinki), Perttu Hämäläinen (Aalto University)

Session H3: Edgy, Airy Interaction

Session Chair: Cosmin Munteanu

Mouse Cursor Movements towards Targets on the Same Screen Edge

Shota Yamanaka (Yahoo Japan Corporation)

EZCursorVR: 2D Selection with Virtual Reality Head-Mounted Displays

Adrian Ramcharitar (Carleton University), Robert J. Teather (Carleton University)

Blowhole: Blowing-Activated Tags for Interactive 3D-Printed Models

Carlos Tejada (Rochester Institute of Technology), Osamu Fujimoto (Rochester Institute of Technology), Zhiyuan Li (Rochester Institute of Technology), Daniel Ashbrook (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Session H4: The Age of Persuasion

Session Chair: Olivier St-Cyr

Control and Personalization: Experience of Notifications in Young and Old

Izabelle F. Janzen (University of British Columbia), Francesco Vitale (University of British Columbia), Joanna McGrenere (University of British Columbia)

Couch: Investigating the Relationship between Aesthetics and Persuasion in a Mobile Application

Arda Aydin (Carleton University), Audrey Girouard (Carleton University)

Towards The Visual Design of Non-Player Characters for Narrative Roles

Katja Rogers (University of Ulm), Maria Aufheimer (University of Ulm), Michael Weber (University of Ulm), Lennart Nacke (University of Waterloo)

Session H5: Rifts in Virtual Spacetime

Session Chair: TBD

Teleportation without Spatial Disorientation using Optical Flow Cues

Jiwan Bhandari (University of Nevada), Paul MacNeilage (University of Nevada), Eelke Folmer (University of Nevada)

Viewpoint Snapping to Reduce Cybersickness in Virtual Reality

Yasin Farmani (Carleton University), Robert J. Teather (Carleton University)