Paper Sessions

H1/G1: Visualization

Rapid Sequence Matching for Visualization Recommender Systems

Shaoliang Nie, Christopher G. Healey, Rada Y. Chirkova, Juan L. Reutter

Qualitative Organization of Photo Collections via Quartet Analysis and Active Learning

Yuan Gan, Dr. Yan Zhang, Sun Zhengxing, Hao (Richard) Zhang

WiseType: A Tablet Keyboard with Color-Coded Visualization and Various Editing Options for Error Correction

Tommy Dang

H2: 3D and Spatial Interaction

Selecting and Sliding Hidden Objects in 3D Desktop Environments

Junwei Sun, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger

Eliciting wrist and finger gestures to guide recognizer design

Qi Feng Liu, Keiko Katsuragawa, Edward Lank

3D-Trail-Making Test: A Touch-Tablet Cognitive Test to Support Intelligent Behavioral Recognition

Raniero A. Lara-Garduno, Takeo Igarashi, Tracy Hammond

G2: Fantastic Patterns and How to Find Them

Procedural modelling with reaction diffusion and growth of thin shells

Charles Gingras, Paul Kry

Controlling Procedural Modelling Interactively with Guiding Curves

David Pagurek van Mossel, Abhishek Madan, Tai Meng Liu, Paul Bardea, Andrew McBurney

Algorithmic Quilting Pattern Generation for Pieced Quilts

Yifei Li, David E. Breen, James McCann, Jessica Hodgins

H3: Image and Video

A Tool for Navigating and Editing 360 Video of Social Conversations into Shareable Highlights

Anh Truong, Maneesh Agrawala

VideoWhiz: Non-Linear Interactive Overviews for Recipe Videos

Megha Nawhal, Jacqueline B Lang, Greg Mori, Parmit K Chilana

Finding Layers using Hover Visualizations

Evan Shimizu, Matthew David Fisher, Sylvain Paris, Kayvon Fatahalian

G3: Capturing the World for AR/VR

SkelSeg: Segmentation and Rigging of Raw-Scanned 3D Volume with User-Specified Skeleton

Seung-Tak Noh, Kenichi Takahashi, Masahiko Adachi, Takeo Igarashi

Image acquisition for high quality architectural reconstruction

Ojaswa Sharma, Nishima Arora, Himanshu Sagar

Outdoor Markerless Motion Capture with Sparse Handheld Video Cameras

Yangang Wang, Yebin Liu, Xin Tong, Qionghai Dai, Ping Tan

H4: Immersive Spaces

DreamRooms: Prototyping Rooms in Collaboration with a Generative Process

Ariel Weingarten, Ben Lafreniere, George Fitzmaurice, Tovi Grossman

Experimental Analysis of Single Mode Switching Techniques in Augmented Reality

Jesse Smith, Isaac Wang, Julia Woodward, Jaime Ruiz

Jumping on the Bandwagon: Overcoming Social Barriers to Public Display Use

Marvin Pafla, Caroline Wong, Daniel Gillis, Ulrike Pfeil, Stacey D. Scott

G4: The People Behind the Pixels

View-Dependent Radiance Caching

Yangyang Zhao, Laurent Belcour, Derek Nowrouzezahrai

GPU-accelerated generation and rendering of multi-level voxel representations of solid models

Gavin Young, Adarsh Krishnamurthy

H5: Mobile Interaction

G-Sparks: Glanceable Sparklines on Smartwatches

Ali Neshati, Yumiko Sakamoto, Launa C Leboe-McGowan, Jason Leboe-McGowan, Marcos Serrano, Pourang Irani

MarkWhite: An Improved Interactive White-Balance Method for Smartphone Cameras

Abdelrahman Abdelhamed, Scott MacKenzie, Michael Brown

G5: Animation and Fabrication Design

Analysis of Speed in Traditional Animation

Tyler B Nowicki, William Cowan, Stephen Mann

Diffusion Mesh

Ming Iu

Interactive Design of Castable Shapes using Two-Piece Rigid Molds

Oded Stein, Alec Jacobson, Eitan Grinspun

H6: Selection and Gameplay

Pitch Pipe: An Automatic Low-pass Filter Calibration Technique for Pointing Tasks

Eugene Matthew Taranta II, Senglee Koh, Brian Williamson, Kevin Pfeil, Corey Richard Pittman, Joseph LaViola

Biologically Inspired Gameplay: Movement Algorithms for Artificially Intelligent Non-Player Characters

Rina R. Wehbe, Giovanni Ribeiro, Kin Pong Fung, Lennart E. Nacke, Edward Lank

Best HCI Student Paper Award

WiseType: A Tablet Keyboard with Color-Coded Visualization and Various Editing Options for Error Correction

Ohoud Alharbi: Simon Fraser University; Ahmed Sabbir Arif: University of California, Merced; Wolfgang Stuerzlinger: Simon Fraser University; Mark Dunlop: University of Strathclyde; Andreas Komninos: University of Patras