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Supporting Learning

TwoTorials: A Remote Cooperative Tutorial System for 3D Design Software
Sultan A Alharthi, Ben Lafreniere, Tovi Grossman, George Fitzmaurice

Simultaneous Worlds: Supporting Fluid Exploration of Multiple Data Sets via Physical Models
Carmen Hull, Søren Knudsen, Sheelagh Carpendale, Wesley Willett

Image Labeling and Features

An Empirical Study on the Effect of Quick and Careful Labeling Styles in Image Annotation
Chia-Ming Chang, Xi Yang, Takeo Igarashi

FaceUI: Leveraging Front-Facing Camera Input to Access Mid-Air Spatial Interfaces on Smartphones
Thuan Vo, Marium E Jannat, David Ahlström, Khalad Hasan

Promoting Feature Awareness by Leveraging Collaborators’ Usage Habits in Collaborative Editors
Emmanouil Giannisakis, Jessalyn Alvina, Andrea Bunt, Parmit Chilana, Joanna McGrenere

DualLabel: Secondary Labels for Challenging Image Annotation
Chia-Ming Chang, Yi He, Xi Yang, Haoran Xie, Takeo Igarashi

Graphics and Animation

Future Frame Synthesis for Fast Monte Carlo Rendering
Zhan Li, Carl S. Marshall, Deepak S. Vembar, Feng Liu

Fast Vortex Particle Method for Fluid-Character Interaction
Asger Meldgaard, Sune Darkner, Kenny Erleben

Active Learning Neural C-space Signed Distance Fields for Reduced Deformable Self-Collision
Xinhao Cai, Eulalie Coevoet, Alec Jacobson, Paul Kry

metaSVG: A Portable Exchange Format for Adaptable Laser Cutting Plans
Nur Yildirim, Matthew Franklin, Daniel Zeng, John Zimmerman, James McCann

Up Close and Personal

I’m Not Sure: Designing for Ambiguity in Visual Analytics
Stan Nowak, Lyn Bartram

Triggers and Barriers to Insight Generation in Personal Visualizations
Poorna Talkad Sukumar, Anind Dey, Gloria Mark, Ronald Metoyer, Aaron Striegel

“Thank you for being nice”: Investigating Perspectives Towards Social Feedback on Stack Overflow
Mahya Maftouni, Patrick Marcel Joseph Dubois, Andrea Bunt

Auto-Cucumber: The Impact of Autocorrection Failures on Users’ Frustration
Ohoud Alharbi, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger


Structured Shape-Patterns from a Sketch: A Multi-Scale Approach
Pauline Olivier, Pooran Memari, Marie-Paule Cani

EnergyHair: Sketch-Based Interactive Guide Hair Design Using Physics-Inspired Energy
Yuanwei Zhang, Shinichi Kinuwaki, Nobuyuki Umetani

Detecting User Abilities

Detecting Mild Cognitive Impairment Through Digitized Trail-Making Test Interface
Raniero Aaron Lara-Garduno, Yajun Jia, Nicolaas E. Deutz, Marielle Engelen, Nancy Leslie, Tracy Hammond

Automatic Asymmetric Weight Distribution Detection and Correction Utilizing Electrical Muscle Stimulation
Ravi Kiran Kattoju, Eugene M Taranta, Ryan Ghamandi, Joseph LaViola

Using Deep Learning to Detect Motor Impairment in Early Parkinson’s Disease from Touchscreen Typing
Sophia Gu, Yan Ma, Zhi Li, Xiangmin Fan, Feng Tian, Xiaojun Bi


Push-Poke: Collision based Direct Manipulation Technique for Plane Alignment in Virtual Reality
Sriram Kumar, Jari Kangas, Helena Mehtonen, Jorma Järnstedt, Roope Raisamo

It’s Over There: Designing an Intelligent Virtual Agent That Can Point Accurately into the Real World
Fan Wu, Qian Zhou, Ian Stavness, Sidney Fels

A Design Framework for Contextual and Embedded Information Visualizations in Spatial Augmented Reality
Nikhita Joshi, Matthew Lakier, Daniel Vogel, Jian Zhao

Accidental Landmarks: How Showing (and Removing) Emphasis in a 2D Visualization Affected Retrieval and Revisitation
Aristides Mairena, Md. Sami Uddin, Carl Gutwin

Best Graphics Student Paper

Acceleration Skinning: Kinematics-Driven Cartoon Effects for Articulated Characters
Niranjan Kalyanasundaram (Clemson University), Damien Rohmer (École Polytechnique), Victor B. Zordan (Clemson University, Roblox)

Best HCI Student Paper

Tutorials for Children by Children: Design and Evaluation of a Children’s Tutorial Authoring Tool for Digital Art
Ananta Chowdhury (University of Manitoba), Andrea Bunt (University of Manitoba)