Paper Formatting Instructions

Graphics Interface papers are distributed for review electronically. Papers can be of any page length (though a length between 6 and 10 pages is common). Length is expected to be commensurate with the importance of the contribution. All papers will have the same presentation time at the conference and there will be no distinction based on length made between papers in the program, proceedings or digital library. The exact talk duration for accepted papers will be determined when the program is finalized.

For your submission please conform as closely as possible to the standard GI format. On the IEEE VGTC Formatting Guidelines webpage you will find detailed instructions along with LaTex and word templates for generating PDF files.

You are also encouraged to submit supporting files, such as videos or source code. Uploaded videos should be encoded in a high quality format (e.g., MPEG-4) that works across as many platforms as possible without the installation of additional codecs. For instance, it is best if your video will play properly with vanilla versions of Windows Media Player, or Quicktime, or VLC player. Please note that your total submission size cannot exceed 100.0 MB, including your submission document and any additional material. If you cannot comply with this limit, please contact one of the conference chairs.

Preparing Final Submission of Accepted Papers

Once your paper is accepted, you must prepare your camera ready pdf and other materials by following these final submission preparation guidelinesAs we have moved to a digital proceedings, there will no longer be any printing charges for colour or extra pages.

Links on Writing

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