Executive Committee

About the CHCCS/SCDHM Executive Committees

The CHCCS/SCDHM executive committee comprises three elected officers (president, vice president, and treasurer), the past chair, and other members who are appointed by the president.

The president, vice president, and treasurer are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting of the society held during the Graphics Interface conference.

The Annual General Meeting of CHCCS/SCDHM is held every year during the Graphics Interface conference, to review the previous year’s activities and elect the executive committee.

Current Members

Paul G. Kry (McGill University), President
Pierre Poulin (Université de Montréal), Vice President / Treasurer
Michael McGuffin (École de Technologie Supérieure), Past Treasurer
William Cowan (University of Waterloo), Past President
Derek Reilly (Dalhousie University), Editor-in-Chief


The president chairs the Executive Committee and is responsible for appointing the non-elected members, except for the past president. The president is the primary representative of the society when dealing with other organizations and (with the Treasurer) serves on the AI/GI/CRV Steering Committee that oversees the annual joint conference that includes the Graphics Interface conference.

Vice President

The vice president chairs acts on behalf of the president when the president is not available.


The Treasurer oversees the finances for CHCCS. This involves

  • Depositing membership cheques from CIPS, conference surplus cheques from the annual Graphics Interface conferences, and royalty cheques from Taylor and Francis (for selling extra GI proceedings);
  • Writing cheques to pay for proceedings, to reimburse for award plaques and cash awards, to reimburse invited speakers for travel costs, and to provide seed funding for the annual Graphics Interface conferences;
  • Paying HST installments (4-6 times a year) and file HST reports;
  • Preparing a financial report for the annual meeting of CHCCS that is held at Graphics Interface conference;
  • Being a member of the AI/GI/CRV steering committee to provide oversight for the joint conference on behalf of CHCCS (jointly with the President).

Past President

The Past President serves on the Executive Committee until the current President steps down, at which time that person assumes the role of Past President. The Past President advises the Executive Committee and provides continuity in the governance of the society.


The Editor-in-Chief is responsible for overseeing the production of the Graphics Interface conference proceedings and ensuring that the proceedings are included in the ACM Digital Library.


The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the society’s website(s).