Past Conferences

GI 2019

Kingston, Ontario, 28 - 31 May 2019

Invited Speakers
Otmar Hilliges (ETH Zurich)
Information at your fingertips – towards an interactive future 
Wolfgang Stuerzlinger (Simon Fraser University)
Better User Interfaces for Occasionally Failing Technologies 
Simon Clavet (Ubisoft Montréal)
Biomechanical AI: From Buzzwords to Useful Tech 
Audrey Girouard (Carleton University)
Deformable Devices: Interaction Techniques from Surface Deformation 
David Levin ( University of Toronto)
Simulation Driven Graphics and Fabrication 
Lennart Nacke (University of Waterloo)
Game Thinking 
Matthew O’Toole (Carnegie Mellon University)
Imaging the World One Photon at a Time 
Stacey Scott (University of Guelph)
Opportunities for User-Centred Design Approaches to Improve the Design of “Smart” Farm Technologie 
Alex Tessier (Autodesk)

GI 2018

Toronto, Ontario, 8-11 May 2018

Invited Speakers
Kavita Bala (Cornell University)
Materials in the wild: recognition, editing, and stylization 
Doug Bowman (Virginia Tech)
Immersive Analytics Beyond Visualization 
Gord Kurtenbach (Autodesk Research)
CHCCS/SCDHM Achievement Award 
Alla Sheffer (The University of British Columbia)
CHCCS/SCDHM Achievement Award 
Andrea Tagliasacchi (University of Victoria)
Real Time Computer Vision for AR/VR 
Morgan McGuire (NVIDIA Research / Williams College)
The Reality of Augmented Reality 
Emily Whiting (Boston University)
Mechanics-Based Design for Computational Fabrication 
Fanny Chevalier (University of Toronto)
Seeing Beyond the Chart: How to cultivate critical thinking through visualization 
Nick Graham (Queen's University)
Designing for Accessibility and Efficacy in Exergames 
Ali Mazalek (Ryerson University)
Mind Meets Matter: Constructing Knowledge in a Cyberphysical World 
Oliver van Kaick (Carleton University)
Discovery of Object Functionality from Analysis of Interactions 

GI 2017

Edmonton, Alberta, 16-19 May 2017

Invited Speakers
Karol Myszkowski (Max-Planck-Institut fuer Informatik)
Sylvain Paris (Adobe Systems)
Andy Wilson (Microsoft Research)
Lyn Bartram (Simon Fraser University)
Alec Jacobson (University of Toronto)
Edward Lank (University of Waterloo)
Derek Nowrouzezahrai (McGill University)
Tony Tang (University of Calgary)
Nils Thuerey (Technische Universitaet Muenchen)

GI 2016

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1-3 June 2016

Invited Speakers
Marie-Paule Cani (Keynote)
Expressive 3D Modeling: User-centered models for seamless creation through gestures
Kori Inkpen (Keynote)
The Video Invasion: How video is changing the way we engage with the world
Andrea Bunt (Speaker Series)
Supporting Software Learnability via Online Resources and Communities
Elmar Eismann (Speaker Series)
Towards Making Convincing Virtual Environments a Reality
Vladimir G. Kim (Speaker Series)
Finding Structure in Large Collections of 3D Models
Edith Law (Speaker Series)
Designing for Curiosity
Tamara Munzner (Speaker Series)
Visualization Analysis and Design
Bernhard Thomaszewski (Speaker Series)
Computational Tools for Personalized Design and Digital Fabrication
Khai Truong (Speaker Series)
From Typing Without Looking to Communicating With the Eyes

GI 2015

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 3 - 5 June 2015

Invited Speakers
Shahram Izadi
Doug James
Scott MacKenzie
User studies and usability evaluations: from research to products  
Christopher Batty (Speaker Series)
Wilmot Li (Speaker Series)
Regan Mandryk (Speaker Series)
Joanna McGrenere (Speaker Series)
Ryan Schmidt (Speaker Series)
Daniel Wigdor (Speaker Series)
Jianxiong Xiao (Speaker Series)

GI 2014

Montréal, Québec, Canada, 7 - 9 May 2014

Invited Speakers
Matthias Müller
Physics in Games  
Elizabeth Churchill
Foundations for Designing User Centered Systems: A framework and some case studies  
Eugene Fiume
Visual Models and Ontologies 

GI 2013

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 29 - 31 May 2013

Invited Speakers
Sheelagh Carpendale
Innovations in Visualization 
Gavin Miller
From Research to Products: Adobe’s Imagination Lab Themes and Projects  
John Stasko
The Value of Visualization for Exploring and Understanding Data 

GI 2012

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 28 - 30 May 2012

Invited Speakers
Chris North
(Display) Space: The Final Frontier (for Interactive Visual Analytics)  
Hans-Peter Seidel
3D Image Analysis and Synthesis -- The World Inside the Computer  
Daniel Thalmann
Virtual Humans: From One to Many 
Nadia Magnenat Thalmann
The Physiological Virtual Human 

GI 2011

St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, 25 - 27 May 2011

Invited Speakers
Carl Gutwin
Spatial Memory in User Interfaces  
John C. Hart
Assistive Technology for the Aesthetically Impaired  
Brian Wyvill
Announcing the Sad Death of the Triangle Mesh 

GI 2010

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 31 May - 2 June 2010

Invited Speakers
Catherine Plaisant
Exploring temporal patterns with information visualization 
Jos Stam
Nucleus: A Framework for a Unified Dynamics Solver  
Marilyn Tremaine
2010 Achievement Awards 

GI 2009

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 25 - 27 May 2009

Invited Speakers
David Luebke
Graphics hardware & GPU computing: past, present, and future 
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
CHCCS Achievement Award 2009 
Vidya Setlur
Semantic Graphics for More Effective Visual Communication 

GI 2008

Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 28 - 30 May 2008

Invited Speakers
David Ebert
Mobiquitous Graphics and Visualization: More Than Just Fun and Games?  
Dr. Patricia M. Jones
Looking Across NASA: A Perspective 

GI 2007

Montréal, Québec, Canada, 28 - 30 May 2007

Invited Speakers
Tom Calvert
Animating Dance  
Julie Dorsey
Digital Materials and Virtual Weathering: Modeling the Appearance of the Everyday World  
Scott Hudson
Paying Attention to Attention: an Organizing Principle for Research in Ubiquitous Computing  
Celine Latulipe
A Model for Symmetric Interaction 

GI 2006

Québec, Québec, Canada, 7-9 June 2006

Invited Speakers
Alyn Rockwood
Elizabeth Mynatt

GI 2005

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 9 - 11 May 2005

Invited Speakers
Bill Buxton
Ramesh Raskar
Holly Rushmeier

GI 2004

London, Ontario, Canada, 17 - 19 May 2004

Invited Speakers
Gregory Abowd
Realizing the Dreams of Ubiquitous Computing: It’s All in the Family  
Mary Czerwinski
Designing Novel Visualization and Interaction Techniques that Scale from Small to Jumbo Displays  
Dinesh Manocha
Interactive Display and Walkthroughs of Complex Environments  
Harry Shum
In Search of Textons 

GI 2003

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 11 - 13 June 2003

Invited Speakers
Stuart Card
Beyond HCI to Human Information Interaction  
Jessica Hodgins
Animating Human Characters  
Christopher Johnson
Computational Multi-Field Visualization  
Randy Pausch
The Interdisciplinary Challenge of Building Virtual Worlds 

GI 2002

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 27 - 29 May 2002

Invited Speakers
John W. Buchanan
Video Games: What the heck? 
Saul Greenberg
Rapid Prototyping of Physical User Interfaces 
David Kirk
How Long can Graphics Chips Exceed Moore ’s Law? 

GI 2001

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 7 - 9 June 2001

Invited Speakers
Sara Diamond
Sensing what we know 
Ken Perlin
Robert Jacob
Elements of next-generation, non-WIMP user interfaces 

GI 2000

Montréal, Québec, Canada, 15 - 17 May 2000

Invited Speakers
Henry Fuchs
Hiroshi Ishii
Tangible Bits: Designing the Boundary between People, Bits, and Atoms 
Demetri Terzopoulos
Artificial Animals (and Humans): From Physics to Intelligence 

GI 1999

Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 2 - 4 June 1999

Invited Speakers
Maria M. Klawe
Computer Games, Education And Interfaces: The E-GEMS Project 
François Sillion
Will Anyone Really Use Radiosity? 
Ted Selker
Style and Function of Graphic Tools 
James Arvo
Computer Aided Serendipity: The Role of Autonomous Assistants in Problem Solving 

GI 1998

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 18 - 20 June 1998

Invited Speakers
Alvy Ray Smith
The Alpha-Gamma-Delta's of Digital Media Convergence 
Marie-Paule Cani-Gascuel
Layered Deformable Models with Implicit Surfaces 
Colin Ware
Perception and Data Visualization: The Foundations of Experimental Semiotics  
Bonnie John
Cognitive Modeling in Human-Computer Interaction 

GI 1997

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 21 - 23 May 1997

Invited Speakers
Andrew Glassner
The Future: A Nice Place to Visit...  
George Robertson

GI 1996

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 22 - 24 May 1996

Invited Speakers
Bill Reeves
Jim Foley
Nestor Burtnyk

GI 1995

Québec, Québec, Canada, 17 - 19 May 1995

Invited Speakers
Bill Buxton
Integrating the Periphery & Context: A New Model of Telematics 
Pat Hanrahan
Digital lights, cameras and materials 
Gavin Miller
Volumetric Hyper-Reality, A Computer Graphics Holy Grail for the 21st Century? 

GI 1994

Banff, Alberta, Canada, 18 - 20 May 1994

Invited Speakers
John Carroll, Mary Beth Rosson
Putting Metaphors to Work 
Paul Heckbert, Michael Garland
Multiresolution Modeling for Fast Rendering 
Brian Wyvill
Explicating Implicit Surfaces 

GI 1993

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 19-21 May 1993

Invited Speakers
Michael Deering
Making virtual reality more real: experience with the virtual portal 
Steven Feiner
Knowledge based design of 3D graphics and virtual worlds 
Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
Modelling and visualization of biological structures 

GI 1992

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 11 - 15 May 1992

Invited Speakers
R. Marc Levoy
Volume rendering using the Fourier projection-slice theorem 
Marilyn Mantei
Computer Supported Cooperative Work -- What changes for the science of computing 
Rob Pike
A minimalist global user interface 

GI 1991

Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 3-7 June 1991

Invited Speakers
Ronald Baecker
New Paradigms for Computing in the Nineties 
Maureen Stone
Gamut Mapping Computer Generated Imagery 
Lance Williams, William Wallace
Shading in Two Dimensions 

GI 1990

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 14-18 May 1990

Invited Speakers
D. Nagel
Evolution of User Interfaces in Multi-media  
Marceli Wein
Twenty-four Years of Computer Graphics at NRC 
B.A. Barsky
An Intuitive Description of Parametric Splines in Computer Graphics 

GI 1989

London, Ontario, Canada, 19 - 23 June 1989

Invited Speakers
J.K. Udupa, D. Odhner
Display of Medical Objects and Their Interactive Manipulation 
W. Cowan
Adding Colour to the Workstation Environment 
N. England
Evolution of High Performance Graphics Systems 
A. Fournier
The Modelling of Natural Phenomena 

GI 1988

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 6 - 10 June 1988

Invited Speakers
l. A. Bartram, K. S. Booth, W. B. Cowan, J. D. Morrison, P. P. Tanner
A System for Conducting Experiments Concerning Human Factors in Interactive Graphics 
Tom Calvert
The Challenge of Human Figure Animation 
Franklin Crow
Parallelism in Rendering Algorithms 
Dan Olsen Jr.
A Browse/ Edit Model for User Interface Management 

GI + CHI 1987

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 5 - 9 April 1987

Invited Speakers
Thomas K. Landauer
Rob Kling

GI + VI 1986

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, 26 - 30 May 1986

GI 1985

Montréal, Québec, Canada, 27 - 31 May 1985

GI 1984

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 28 May - 1 June 1984

Invited Speakers
N. I. Badler
What is Required for Effective Human Figure Animation? 
T. D. DeRose, B. A. Barsky
Geometric Continuity and Shape Parameters for Catmull-Rom Splines 
K. P. Fishkin, B. A. Barsky
Algorithms for Brush Movement in Paint Systems 
J. Mackie
The Office of the Future  
D. Sturman
Interactive Keyframe Animation of 3-D Articulated Models 
G. Leitner
Exploiting Parallelism in Image Synthesis Applications 
D. B. Arnold
Towards Automating the Production of Soil Survey Maps 
J. Lewis, P. Purcell
Soft Machine: A Personable Interface 
B. A. Myers
Strategies for Creating an Easy to Use Window Manager with Icons 

GI 1983

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 9 - 13 May 1983

GI 1982

Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 17 - 21 May 1982

Invited Speakers
P. E. Bézier
A Computer Aided System for Car Body Design 
R. Cole
Speech Recognition by Computer: Past, Present and Future  
F.C. Crow
Trends in Algorithms for Realistic Imagery 
J. Feldman
Massively Parallel Computation for Image Processing  
J .D. Foley
A Framework for the Design, Evaluation and Implementation of User-Computer Interfaces 
D. Friend
Business Graphics  
D. Greenberg
CAD Education: Difficulties, Dangers and Dreams  
M.I. Mills
"Visual Thinking" Reconsidered: Some Implications for Computer Graphics 
T.P. Moran
From Task to Interaction: What the User Must Know 
J. Olive
Speech Synthesis  
J.G. Rosebush
Was Leonardo da Vinci the First Computer Artist? Computer Animation in the 80's 


Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 10 - 12 June 1981

Invited Speakers
E. Catmull
C. Csuri
Goal-directed movement simulation 
R. Forget
H. Fuchs
Pixel-planes: A VLSI-oriented design for 3-D raster graphics 
T. Kasvand
M. Kunt
A. Lippman
Computational video: Television as a human interface 
F. S. Montalvo
T. Pavlidis
Image processing algorithms for graphics 
J. H. Syrett
M. Wein
A Canadian view of graphics standards 
T. Whitted
Hardware enhanced 3-D raster display system 
S. W. Zucker


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 29 - 30 May 1979


Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 26 - 27 May 1977


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 26 - 27 May 1975

Invited Speakers
J . N. Patterson Hume


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 30 - 31 May 1973

Invited Speakers
Gordon B. Thompson
Computers and Visual Literacy 


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, May 31 - June 1 1971

Invited Speakers
R. G. Stanton
Men, Machines and Computer Science  


Ottawa, Ontario, 1969