Proceedings: GI 1997

Coherent zooming of illustrations with 3D-graphics and text

Bernhard Preim, Andreas Raab, Thomas Strothotte

Proceedings of Graphics Interface '97: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 21 - 23 May 1997, 105-113

DOI 10.20380/GI1997.12

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In this paper we develop a method for zooming in complex information spaces consisting of geometric models and associated textual explanations. In particular we introduce a technique to extend fisheye views to the exploration of three-dimensional models. The result of a zooming process is a modified geometric model which is rendered and presented to the user with appropriately selected and well-placed textual labels. The user interacts with such coherent presentations to explore the information space. Our methods have been implemented in a system called the ZOOM ILLUSTRATOR. The system maintains a close relationship between images and associated text, with interaction on the textual part influencing the appearance of the graphical part and vice versa. We demonstrate our system on medical illustrations, in particular from anatomy.