Proceedings: GI 1999

Observational Model of Blenders and Erasers in Computer-Generated Pencil Rendering

Mario Sousa, John Buchanan

Proceedings of Graphics Interface '99: Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 2 - 4 June 1999, 157-166

DOI 10.20380/GI1999.21

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In this paper we present a blender and eraser model that extends our graphite pencil and paper model. This blender and eraser model enhances the rendering results producing realistic looking graphite pencil tones and textures. Our model is based on observations on the absorptive and dispersive properties of blenders and erasers interacting with lead material deposited over drawing paper. The parameters of our model are the particle composition of the lead over the paper, the texture of the paper, the position and shape of the blender and eraser, and the pressure applied to them. We demonstrate the capabilities of our approach with a variety of pencil swatches and compare them to digitized pencil drawings. We also present automatic and interactive image-based rendering results implementing traditional graphite pencil tone rendering methods.