Proceedings: GI 2000

Incremental Triangle Voxelization

Frank IX, Arie Kaufman

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2000: Montréal, Québec, Canada, 15 - 17 May 2000, 205-212

DOI 10.20380/GI2000.27

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We present a method to incrementally voxelize triangles into a volumetric dataset with pre-filtering, generating an accurate multivalued voxelization. Multivalued voxelization allows direct volume rendering of voxelized geometry as well as volumes with intermixed geometry, accurate multiresolution representations, and efficient antialiasing. Prior voxelization methods either computed only a binary voxelization or inefficiently computed a multivalued voxelization. Our method develops incremental equations to quickly decide which filter function to compute for each voxel value. The method requires eight additions per voxel of the triangle bounding box. Being simple and efficient, the method is suitable for implementation in a hardware volume rendering system.