Proceedings: GI 2002

Constraint-Based Automatic Placement for Scene Composition

Ken Xu, James Stewart, Eugene Fiume

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2002: Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 27 - 29 May 2002, 25-34

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The layout of large scenes can be a time-consuming and tedious task. In most current systems, the user must position each of the objects by hand, one at a time. This paper presents a constraint-based automatic placement system, which allows the user to quickly and easily lay out complex scenes. The system uses a combination of automatically-generated placement constraints, pseudo-physics, and a semantic database to guide the automatic placement of objects. Existing scenes can quickly be rearranged simply by reweighting the placement preferences. We show that the system enables a user to lay out a complex scene of 300 objects in less than 10 minutes.