Proceedings: GI 2004

Towards the next generation of tabletop gaming experiences

Carsten Magerkurth, Maral Memisoglu, Timo Engelke, Norbert Streitz

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2004: London, Ontario, Canada, 17 - 19 May 2004, 73-80

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In this paper we present a novel hardware and software platform (STARS) to realize computer augmented tabletop games that unify the strengths of traditional board games and computer games. STARS game applications preserve the social situation of traditional board games and provide a tangible interface with physical playing pieces to facilitate natural interaction. The virtual game components offer exciting new opportunities for game design and provide richer gaming experiences impossible to realize with traditional media.This paper describes STARS in terms of the hardware setup and the software platform used to develop and play STARS games. The interaction design within STARS is discussed and sample games are presented with regard to their contributions to enhancing user experience. Finally, real-world experiences with the platform are reported.