Proceedings: GI 2005

Extraction and remeshing of ellipsoidal representations from mesh data

Patricio Simari, Karan Singh

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2005: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 9 - 11 May 2005, 161-168

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Dense 3D polygon meshes are now a pervasive product of various modelling and scanning processes that need to be subsequently processed and structured appropriately for various applications. In this paper we address the restructuring of dense polygon meshes using their segmentation based on a number of ellipsoidal regions. We present a simple segmentation algorithm where connected components of a mesh are fit to ellipsoidal surface regions. The segmentation of a mesh into a small number of ellipsoidal elements makes for a compact geometric representation and facilitates efficient geometric queries and transformations. We also contrast and compare two polygon remeshing techniques based on the ellipsoidal surfaces and the segmentation boundaries.