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We present a novel technique for surface modelling by example called surfacing by numbers. Our system allows easy detail reuse from existing 3D models or images. The user selects a source region and a target region, and the system transfers detail from the source to the target. The source may be elsewhere on the target surface, on another surface altogether, or even part of an image. As transfer is formulated as synthesis with a novel surface-based adaptation of graph cuts, the source and target regions need not match in size or shape, and details can be geometric, textural or even user-defined in nature.A major contribution of our work is our fast, graph cut-based interactive surface segmentation algorithm. Unlike approaches based on scissoring, the user loosely strokes within the body of each desired region, and the system computes optimal boundaries between regions via minimum-cost graph cut. Thus, less precision is required, the amount of interaction is unrelated to the complexity of the boundary, and users do not need to search for a view of the model in which a cut can be made.