Proceedings: GI 2006

symTone: two-handed manipulation of tone reproduction curves

Celine Latulipe, Ian Bell, Charles Clarke, Craig Kaplan

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2006: Québec, Québec, Canada, 7-9 June 2006, 9-16

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We present symTone, a dual-mouse, symmetric image manipulation application. symTone includes a symmetric method for manipulating a tone reproduction curve using two standard USB mice. The symTone technique is an important contribution because the two mice are manipulating a geometric object as a tool to improve the underlying digital image, thus a spatial object (the curve) is being used to manipulate non-spatial data (the image tones). Our empirical evaluation of the technique shows that symmetric interaction can be effective for manipulating non-spatial data. This novel technique offers a significant improvement in ease of use and is a precursor to more advanced symmetric tone-mapping applications.