Proceedings: GI 2006

The impact of task on the usage of web browser navigation mechanisms

Melanie Kellar, Carolyn Watters, Michael Shepherd

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2006: Québec, Québec, Canada, 7-9 June 2006, 235-242

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In this paper, we explore how factors such as task and individual differences influence the usage of different web browser navigation mechanisms (e.g., clicked links, bookmarks, auto-complete). We conducted a field study of 21 participants and logged detailed web browser usage. Participants were asked to categorize their web usage according to the following schema: Fact Finding, Information Gathering, Browsing, and Transactions. Using this data, we have identified three factors that play a role in the use of navigation mechanisms: task session, task type, and individual differences. These findings have implications for the future design of new and improved web navigation mechanisms.