Proceedings: GI 2008

LiveSync++: enhancements of an interaction metaphor

Peter Kohlmann, Stefan Bruckner, Armin Kanitsar, Eduard Gröller

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2008: Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 28 - 30 May 2008, 81-88

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The LiveSync interaction metaphor allows an efficient and nonintrusive integration of 2D and 3D visualizations in medical workstations. This is achieved by synchronizing the 2D slice view with the volumetric view. The synchronization is initiated by a simple picking on a structure of interest in the slice view. In this paper we present substantial enhancements of the existing concept to improve its usability. First, an efficient parametrization for the derived parameters is presented, which allows hierarchical refinement of the search space for good views. Second, the extraction of the feature of interest is performed in a way, which is adapting to the volumetric extent of the feature. The properties of the extracted features are utilized to adjust a predefined transfer function in a feature-enhancing manner. Third, a new interaction mode is presented, which allows the integration of more knowledge about the user-intended visualization, without increasing the interaction effort. Finally, a new clipping technique is integrated, which guarantees an unoccluded view on the structure of interest while keeping important contextual information.