Proceedings: GI 2009

Improving simulated borescope inspection with constrained camera motion and haptic feedback

Deepak Vembar, Andrew Duchowski, Anand Gramopadhye, Carl Washburn

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2009: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 25 - 27 May 2009, 141-148

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Results are presented from empirical evaluation of a borescope simulator developed for non-destructive inspection training. Two experiments were conducted, manipulating camera rotation constraint and provision of haptic feedback. Performance of experienced borescope inspectors is measured in terms of speed and accuracy, with accuracy clearly shown to improve by placing constraints on the simulator's camera tip rotation and by providing haptic response. This is important as damage avoidance of a real borescope is a critical criterion of borescope inspection training. These are likely to be the first such experiments to have been conducted with aircraft engine inspectors evaluating the potential of haptics in borescope simulation.