Proceedings: GI 2009

Presenting identity in a virtual world through avatar appearances

Carman Neustaedter, Elena Fedorovskaya

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2009: Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, 25 - 27 May 2009, 183-190

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One of the first tasks that people must do when entering a virtual world (VW) is create a virtual representation for themselves. In many VWs, this means creating an avatar that represents some desired appearance, whether a reflection of one's real life self, or a different identity. We investigate the variety of ways in which people create and evolve avatar appearances in the VW of Second Life® (SL) through contextual interviews. Our findings reveal that users balance pressures from the societal norms of SL with the need to create an appearance that matches a desired virtual identity. These identity needs differ based on four types of users---Realistics, Ideals, Fantasies, and Roleplayers---where each presents unique challenges for avatar design. Current research tends to focus on the needs of only one of these user types.