Proceedings: GI 2013

Efficient reconstruction, decomposition and editing for spatially-varying reflectance data

Yong Hu, Shan Wang, Yue Qi

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2013: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, 29 - 31 May 2013, 55-62

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We present a new method for modeling real-world surface reflectance, described with non-parametric spatially-varying bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (SVBRDF). Our method seeks to achieve high reconstruction accuracy, compactness and "editability" of representation meanwhile speeding up the SVBRDF modeling processes. For a planar surface, we 1) design a capturing device to acquire reflectance samples at dense surface locations; 2) propose a Laplacian-based angular interpolation scheme for a 2D slice of BRDF at a given surface location, and then a Kernel Nyström method for SVBRDF data matrix reconstruction; 3) propose a practical algorithm to extract linear-independent basis BRDFs, and to calculate blending weights through projecting reconstructed reflectance onto these bases. Results demonstrate that our approach models real-world reflectance with both high accuracy and high visual fidelity for real-time virtual environment rendering.