Proceedings: GI 2014

VisionSketch: integrated support for example-centric programming of image processing applications

Jun Kato, Takeo Igarashi

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2014: Montréal, Québec, Canada, 7 - 9 May 2014, 115-122

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We propose an integrated development environment (IDE) called "VisionSketch", which supports example-centric programming for easily building image processing pipelines. With VisionSketch, a programmer is first asked to select the input video. Then, he can start building the pipeline with a visual programming language that provides immediate graphical feedback for algorithms applied to the video. He can also use a text-based editor to create or edit the implementation of each algorithm. During the development, the pipeline is always ready for execution with a video player-like interface enabling rapid iterative prototyping. In a preliminary user study, VisionSketch was positively received by five programmers, who had prior experience of writing text-based image processing programs and could successfully build interesting applications.