Proceedings: GI 2003

Easy Realignment of k-DOP Bounding Volumes

Christoph Fünfzig, Dieter Fellner

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2003: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 11 - 13 June 2003, 257-264

DOI 10.20380/GI2003.30

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Scanning the deformation behavior of real objects is a useful technique to acquire physically realistic behavior. It has been shown previously how to acquire physically realistic object behavior for small deformation and how to render the behavior at interactive rates. This paper introduces a novel method to extend previous work to handle large scale deformation. We model large scale deformation as articulation in combination with local linear deformation. The articulation may either reflect a underlying physical structure or may be purely a modeling technique. In this paper, we show examples of both applications. Our acquisition method is applicable to deformable modeling but it also has implications for motion capture.