Proceedings: GI 2016

3D Surface Reconstruction from Unorganized Sparse Cross Sections

Ojaswa Sharma (IIIT-Delhi), Nidhi Agarwal (Nidhi Agarwal)

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2016: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, 1-3 June 2016, 33-40

DOI 10.20380/GI2016.05

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In this paper, we propose an algorithm for closed and smooth 3D surface reconstruction from unorganized planar cross sections. We address the problem in its full generality, and show its effectiveness on sparse set of cutting planes. Our algorithm is based on the construction of a globally consistent signed distance function over the cutting planes. It uses a split-and-merge approach utilising Hermite mean-value interpolation for triangular meshes. This work improvises on recent approaches by providing a simplified construction that avoids need for post-processing to smooth the reconstructed object boundary. We provide results of reconstruction and its comparison with other algorithms.