Proceedings: GI 2019

Procedural Modelling with Reaction Diffusion and Growth of Thin Shells

Charles Gingras (McGill University), Paul G. Kry (McGill University)

Proceedings of Graphics Interface 2019: Kingston, Ontario, 28 - 31 May 2019

DOI 10.20380/GI2019.11

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We investigate a procedural shape modeling approach based on reaction-diffusion equations and physically based growth of thin shells. This inspiration of this work comes from the morphological development of living tissues, such as plants leaves. There are numerous choices that can be made in assembling a computer simulation of these growth system. We explore two main approaches, one where a reaction-diffusion simulation is first run with the results used to identify regions of growth, and the other where we simulate shell growth concurrently with a reaction-diffusion simulation in the manifold. We demonstrate that a variety of interesting shapes can be grown in this manner, and provide some intuition to the challenging problem of associating changes in parameter settings with the final shape.